Dr.Ketan apps PRO is Pro version of Dr.Ketan's various applications.

If you have bought Dr.Ketan Apps Pro from play store then you can use all apps listed below in this page. 

AppsPro key you can use on any devices (Provided application listed below supported your device) with primary logged in gmail account you have register while buying Dr.Ketan Apps ProKey.

Prerequisites :

- Need to have buy Dr.Ketan Apps Prokey and register a Gmail account

- Need to logged in with registered gmail account

- Rooted device

How to get Pro features?

Play Store

Buy Dr.Ketan  apps ProKey and send purchase order (same you got from play store) within 24 hrs of purchase.. Older than 24 hrs purchase will not be valid to claim activation code. When you download said application, it will have instructions as well. 

Click Here to Buy now.

How it works : 

Use the application on the device with logged in a gmail account you want to register. You have to logged in to every device with same account on which you want to use this applications.

This project may or may not be continue in future nor registered email can be changed.

ProKey you have purchased won't require to use these applications but just a way to donate to able to use applications. After sending a request with ProKey app, you will be provided a links to applications which may takes about 24 hrs (except holidays).

Applications currently available are :

1.. Dr.Ketan Call Record

Features :

- Manual Call record

- Auto Call record Incoming calls

- Auto Call record outgoing calls

- Statusbar notification toggle for call record

- Single click delete all recorded calls

- Call recording location Iint/Ext SD (may not 

   support all device)

Trial Version

2. IMEI Tool

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

3. Virtual Keys

Add three virtual button on bottom of screen

More than 15 different action available to set for virtual key

You can bribg desired action my long pressing virtual screen

right from anyscreen

Here is full guide for application

4. Samsung CSC Features

Activate hidden features of samsung on many samsung devices

5. AirCommand Shortcut

Launch Aircommand without S-Pen

(some features like Translate and Smart select won't work

Dr.Ketan Apps Pro