How to get Dr.Ketan Tweaks Pro ( Dr.Ketan's ROM Pro)

Dr.Ketan tweaks PRO is Pro version of Dr.Ketan ROM.

How to get Pro features?


If you have donated more than 7$ USD  to this project then you can request Dr.Ketan tweaks. 

Click here to donate now.

Play Store

If you are unable to donate using PayPal then you can donate with PlayStore application.

Buy Donate Dev application and send purchase order (same you got from play store) within 24 hrs of purchase.. Older than 24 hrs purchase will not be valid to claim activation code. 

Click Here to Buy now.

Use the application on the device you on which you will use the Tweaks. It will gather the information automatically and will send an email. Make sure to fill up the required information about your donation.

This project may or may not be continue in future nor activation code will be transferred to other device.

How it works : 

Pro key provided on basis of IMEI and serial number works only on device you have requested for. License will not be transfer to other device.  To use Pro key on multiple/different device, you have to get it as new with fresh donation for every device. One pro key will be provided for single device, single device ID (IMEI) only. In  any case your Device ID get changed (usually with motherboard repair), You need to donate/Buy again to get activatio for new device. Once you have Paypal  transaction Key ready OR Play store Donate Dev Order ID ready, Download request code application from below link and send a request for Pro Key. Don't forget to mention all requested info before sending mail.


                                    If Download doesn't start automatically, click Here or Here to start manually.

I have donated and sent a mail through request code application now what?

Once you send required information ,you will receive mail with all the information within 24 hrs. (except week end and holidays) . Request with incomplete information will be ignored.

What does I receive via mail and how to use Pro key (Activation code)

1.Mail will have link of latest version of Pro ROM, If not then you can also get it from first page of Dr.Ketan Tweak aplication.

2.Also it will have link to Dr.Ketan Tweaks Pro *.apk which is main tweak application and you have to install it as normal application.

Important :

- For queries/issue regarding ROM, kindly post on XDA thread of concern ROM. Any other way of communication regarding rom will be ignored. 

- Features mentioned above can be changed/removed without notice. Also all the features mentioned above may not be available depending on your device and version of tweaks.

- For best compatibility, always use latest version of ROM with latest version of Tweaks Pro.