This page is to gather latest information about my colleagues. Though most of we are connected with WhatsApp or other social media but still we have insufficient info regarding all members. Kindly submit your info to build e- directory for MPSMC 87.

A page for MPSMC 87 

How to send my info ?

You can choose any of below mention method to submit your latest contact information.

1. Method 1 is specially made for android users and it have some utility tools to share location as well. Read below about this tool for details.

2. Method 2 - Send me your Info to +919998883973

3. Method 3 - Send me a mail on

Request to send info according below said fields.

Name :

Surname :

Surname married (Optional) :

Working field : Here mention your practicing branch OR any special subject you are interested like Nitin buddhdev as Knee replacement surgeon OR Our dear Praksh as builder 

Phone (work/Resi/Mo) :

Address :

Location :

If you want to share your location (working/Residence) then opt to method 1 - Select Save - Option at place which you want to share and then select to send SMS/Email from app itself) Read below for tool

Method 1  (Meet Here Tool guide)

What is this tool

This is simple location sharing tool made specially for our MPSMC batch mates who are using android phones.

Also this tool have option to send me your contact info from within app.

Requirement : Android device with GPS. Best work on Lollipop and Marshmallow but I have added support for old devices running on Kitkat/Jellybean

How to use : You need to Install MPSMC 87.apk on your android device. You can get link to download from our whatsapp OR message me to get it. Once you download application, browse it from filemanager and select to install it. Once application get installed, you will see a UI same as screenshot below.

This tool have following features

1. Save - This will save your current location. This requires to enable your GPS. It won't work if you have selected location method to wifi/mobile network. You need to select GPS,Wifi and Mo network as location method. Because there is no meaning if it doesn't locate pinpoint position. For that we need to use GPS as location method.

In case you haven't enabled this feature, you will get notification about it and there is a option to open settings for same.

When you select this option, It may take few seconds to a minute to get your location (I have set to < 50mtr accuracy) and meanwhile you can see a notification on your status bar. Once location get fixed, you will see a bip sound with toast notification.

2..Find - This will open a map application and navigate you to last saved location. I recommend to use google map application.

3.Share - This have two options

A.If you tap on this icon, it will make template to ready to send SMS with link to your last saved location


B. If you long press this icon, it will make template to ready to send Email with link to your last saved location.

4.History of all previously saved location with timestamps

How practically useful.

Here are examples how it can be useful in daily life.

Car Parking - If you park a car on huge parking slot and later forget where exactly you parked a car. Here this is very handy. So just after parking your car, open application and select Save. Now don't worry and move on. When you want to move back to your parking location, simply select Find and you will be navigated to your car.

Send Location. Sometimes you are waiting deep in congested place for sour near and dear who is unknown to  this place. Select Save and then Share option and SMS/Mail to whom you are waiting. He/She will get a google link and can navigate to your place to pinpoint whithout any help from others.

At the end of this tool, there is option to send me your latest info to help me to build a digital directory of our group. You can choose between SMS/Mail and fill required info and send me.