How it works ?

This address book will integrate to your contacts of mobile device and you will have info of out mates on your fingertips anytime.


How to get ?

FOR Mobile device

You can choose any of below method to get address book. onto your mobile device

1. Method 1  Direct download. You will receive download link on your whatsapp . If you are not on Whatsapp then contact me to get one.

When you click on download link, it will start downloading a file named MPSMC87_mobile_v1.vcf. As soon as download finish, you have to simply click on it. Open using contacts and select 'Save' option. Apple users may have option to 'Add all contacts' Choose according your device.

2. Method 2 - Incase download doesn't start or doesn't work proper on your device, you can mail me on to request said file a attachment. Once you receive mail, download attached file and open using contacts  and select 'Save' option. Apple users may have option to 'Add all contacts' Choose according your device.

FOR Outlook OR Apple addressbook

Download link you will receive also have option for Outlook format to use on PC OR Apple format to use on your Apple notebook

Download file accordingly and save.

How to search ?

Once you finished saving address book as per said above, You can narrow search easily and smartly to find your buddy in a moment. How ?

First a common tag applied is MPSMC87 (No space in between). When you search MPSMC87 then result will show list of our clas mates only. Now if you want to narrow your search you can search MPSMC87 ENT (space in between) then it will show ENT surgeons from our batch. Same way you can search City wise too like MPSMC87 Ahmedabad too.

This is first version and may need correction. Most of data I have copy-paste to preven typo but still it can be there. Request all users to help to improve by adding/Editing more and more info so second version will be more perfect.

Regards All


A page for MPSMC 87 

MPSMC87 Addressbook