ChangeLog for N950 Tweaks Pro

V1.1 - Initial Release


Experimental features are stable now

Added CSC features


Intro Page
-Bootloader info
-CSC info applied/Original
-Updates - Auto Check for updates of ROM/TweaksPro. Tap to turn on,Long press to turn off

- Clock with seconds - statusbar clock Option for hh:mm:ss/hh:mm
- Power control Notification - Naugat systemUI tuner. To use this, Enable it then look to Settings-Notifications-Disable notification for app you want to use power control - Click 'Advanced' from right upper corner - look for same app. You will have option for 5 level control.

- Quick reply from loclscreen
- Call Block 1.Block calls for not in contact lists 2.Bloack callers in Blacklist (first make 'Blacklist' group in contact and add number you want to block)
- MultiUser (Tal to enable,Long Press to Disable (moved from ROM Toggles)
- StatusBar icons Show/Hide for following icons. First select icons want to show/Hide and then 'apply'
following icons can be hide

Toggle ROM page removed
ROm Features page modified and now only few mods requires to be on dr.Ketan ROM

-RemapKey is completely rewritten.

V 1.4 -

- Fix update notification while testing manually
- Added guide on main page about how to use TweaksPro on stock/other ROm
- Air command action memo
- Power Menu Assist key custom action
- Full Picture caller ID (upper half screen) with Toggle

V1.5 -

- Screen Record option for power menu  (Tweaks - ROM features - Key Remap - PowerMenu custom action) 
- Volume up Torch timeout (Tweaks - Toggle)
- Messaging mode
SMS to MMS disable
Recipient limits raised up to 200
- Dual/Single SIM for SIM icon in call list and messages (Tweaks - ROM features)


- Optimized for Oreo

- Auto BT and Auto scan fixed

- Better and fast implementation of CSC features

Improved Update checker

- Some features marked with (*)  and may some others will not work with Oreo, may be available in future version depending on codes available in oreo


- Fixed bootloop with Supersu

- Auto install busybox if missed


- Fixed sound mode

- AppLock and Floating msg added (enable with CSC fearures)

V1.9 (For ROM version O4)

- More user friendly with SuperSu

- Improved CSC features implemebtation

- New PowerMenu Pro option to Remap Bixby(Bixby Key)/Google Assistant (Long press Home)/Long Press Back with following actions (all actions will be available at a time)

  1. Reboot
  2. Recovery
  3. ScreenShot
  4. Screen Record
  5. Band change
  6. Kill App
  7. Outdoor mode
  8. FlashLight

V2.0 (For ROM Version O5 and up)
- Auto BT fixed
- Extra Toggles and rearraned
- Easy implementation of Pro features (Should not cause force auto reboot after applying pro feature first time)
- Better implementation of KeyRemap
- 360 degree rotation (ROM Features - Supported applications screen can rotate 360)
- Many camera mods added
Rear - Selective focus,NightShot,Continuous shot,Animated GIF,Beuty shot,Rear selfie,Sound shot,Sport shot,Tag,Dual
Front - Night shot,Animated GIF,Auto,Beuty shot,Continuous shot
- Black theme with option to keep stock icon (experimental)
- Black theme dark notification bar as addon (experimental)
- Added new page for 'New Features' in main menu
- S9 themed messaging app
- Nfc offscreen hack

V2.1 (for ROM Version O6 and up)

- Improved black theme. almost no issue if using without black notification. May be some minor glitch if use black notification

- Added option to add/remove Recovery and PowerMenu Pro to long press power (By default both are enabled)

- New CSC feature S Power Planning (battery Power Menu) which enabled some battery management options under Settings - Device Maintenance - Battery 

V2.2-V2.3 (No public release)

V2.4 (For ROM version O9 and up)

- Toggle added for auto check update (ROM and Tweaks Pro) (Available in ROM features)

- Full screen caller ID (single press to enable/Long press to disable) (Available in ROM features)

- Volume Limit - To prevent high volume with preset limit. May be used with password for kids.

- ChangeLog is now linked to webpage (this page) Instead off line earlier.

- Improved to use with unofficial version of Magisk

2.5.2 (For O10 and Up)

- Busybox integrated with magisk built-in if you are using magisk for supersu user it will auto install busybox if running on Dr.Ketan ROM, else need to flash separately

- Fixed issue with latest version of magisk causing freeze UI on optimization tweaks


- Added Lock screen rotation feature (Tap to enable/Long press to disable) - Tweaks pro - General

- Added new feature "Check for Message". This way developer can pass a message in case there is any important announcement/update/bug fix  available. This will keep you updated without worrying for missing important stuff on forum.

If you have keep Auto check enabled in ROM features, it will auto announce message with a dialogue when there is new message. Also you check manually anytime from main page of tweaks pro.



- Fixed false developer's message ( On 2.5.3 It was giving notification even no new message from developer).


- Improve main page loading

- Added option for screen record settings


- Option for Half screen caller ID added (ROM Features)

- Added 3D emoji in camera - sticker 

- Added option to activate Pro one first start

- Activate Pro screen now show status of Pro

- Fixed 3D sticker issue (Beed to be on O15 or up)

- Updated to work with Magisk V18.0
- DND on face down
- Power Pro toggle


- Updated for Pie

- New Icon and Renamed

- Too many new changes, some features may not work on pie, we are looking into iy

- CSC features will be provided separately later


- Fixed ROM Link

- Slight faster opening app.

3.0.3 (Must be on P06 or up)

- PowerMenu (Long Press power key) added to Tweaks-ROM features - PowerMenu with following options

  • PowerMenu - This will open PowerMenu Pro with multiple action page/ Long press will Toggle mobile data
  • Emergency - Will show Emergency option
  • HelpMenu - Show features of PowerMenu

All three can be disabled by long pressing
- Very long standing issue of Not to use initial few minutes is fixed. Now it can be used any time after reboot.
- Bixby Remapper completely rewritten and made a separate app. It can be used on any ROM. You can get it from same Twekas download link, refer to ReadMe & changelog file included for details
- Fix for some cases everytime online license check
- Much faster loading of app.

- Dual speaker fixed

- Device Test fixed

3.0.5 (Must be on P07 or up)
​- Device Test fixed

- Full Screen/Half screen callaer ID (Tweaks - ROM Features)

- PopUp Notification (Floating) while Screen On Only (Tweaks Pro - ROM Features)
- Optimization tweaks added following options
Show/Hide toast notification
Optimization run at once (Now it will not run when you toggle but separate menu to run)
Optimization run on every boot
Optimization Daily (00 hrs) This is better option compared to on boot if you frequently booting device.

PS : Toast notification,Run on every boot and run daily have common rule for both optimization general and build.prop


- Volume key long press remap separately for both up & down (ROM features - Key Remap)

Google Assist
Media Next
Media Play/Pause
Flash Light (enable by default)
Disable Volume long press custom action


- Volume Key long press moved to Bixby custom action

- Tweaks Pro will not be available to fuction for first 2-3 minute of reboot to prevent clash with newer version of magisk

Permission Requires

- Calendar : For checks for updated, you can disable this permission if you don't need update notifications

- Take pictured/Photos/Device storage for Screnshots etc

- Contacts/Phone/SMS - for call blocking feature

- Location - Auto GPS function

ChangeLog for G955 Tweaks Pro

V1.1 - Initial Release