ChangeLog for N950 Tweaks Pro

V1.1 - Initial Release


Experimental features are stable now

Added CSC features


Intro Page
-Bootloader info
-CSC info applied/Original
-Updates - Auto Check for updates of ROM/TweaksPro. Tap to turn on,Long press to turn off

- Clock with seconds - statusbar clock Option for hh:mm:ss/hh:mm
- Power control Notification - Naugat systemUI tuner. To use this, Enable it then look to Settings-Notifications-Disable notification for app you want to use power control - Click 'Advanced' from right upper corner - look for same app. You will have option for 5 level control.

- Quick reply from loclscreen
- Call Block 1.Block calls for not in contact lists 2.Bloack callers in Blacklist (first make 'Blacklist' group in contact and add number you want to block)
- MultiUser (Tal to enable,Long Press to Disable (moved from ROM Toggles)
- StatusBar icons Show/Hide for following icons. First select icons want to show/Hide and then 'apply'
following icons can be hide

Toggle ROM page removed
ROm Features page modified and now only few mods requires to be on dr.Ketan ROM

-RemapKey is completely rewritten.

V 1.4 -

- Fix update notification while testing manually
- Added guide on main page about how to use TweaksPro on stock/other ROm
- Air command action memo
- Power Menu Assist key custom action
- Full Picture caller ID (upper half screen) with Toggle

V1.5 -

- Screen Record option for power menu  (Tweaks - ROM features - Key Remap - PowerMenu custom action) 
- Volume up Torch timeout (Tweaks - Toggle)
- Messaging mode
SMS to MMS disable
Recipient limits raised up to 200
- Dual/Single SIM for SIM icon in call list and messages (Tweaks - ROM features)


- Optimized for Oreo

- Auto BT and Auto scan fixed

- Better and fast implementation of CSC features

Improved Update checker

- Some features marked with (*)  and may some others will not work with Oreo, may be available in future version depending on codes available in oreo


- Fixed bootloop with Supersu

- Auto install busybox if missed


- Fixed sound mode

- AppLock and Floating msg added (enable with CSC fearures)

V1.9 (For ROM version O4)

- More user friendly with SuperSu

- Improved CSC features implemebtation

- New PowerMenu Pro option to Remap Bixby(Bixby Key)/Google Assistant (Long press Home)/Long Press Back with following actions (all actions will be available at a time)

  1. Reboot
  2. Recovery
  3. ScreenShot
  4. Screen Record
  5. Band change
  6. Kill App
  7. Outdoor mode
  8. FlashLight

V2.0 (For ROM Version O5 and up)
- Auto BT fixed
- Extra Toggles and rearraned
- Easy implementation of Pro features (Should not cause force auto reboot after applying pro feature first time)
- Better implementation of KeyRemap
- 360 degree rotation (ROM Features - Supported applications screen can rotate 360)
- Many camera mods added
Rear - Selective focus,NightShot,Continuous shot,Animated GIF,Beuty shot,Rear selfie,Sound shot,Sport shot,Tag,Dual
Front - Night shot,Animated GIF,Auto,Beuty shot,Continuous shot
- Black theme with option to keep stock icon (experimental)
- Black theme dark notification bar as addon (experimental)
- Added new page for 'New Features' in main menu
- S9 themed messaging app
- Nfc offscreen hack

V2.1 (for ROM Version O6 and up)

- Improved black theme. almost no issue if using without black notification. May be some minor glitch if use black notification

- Added option to add/remove Recovery and PowerMenu Pro to long press power (By default both are enabled)

- New CSC feature S Power Planning (battery Power Menu) which enabled some battery management options under Settings - Device Maintenance - Battery 

V2.2-V2.3 (No public release)

V2.4 (For ROM version O9 and up)

- Toggle added for auto check update (ROM and Tweaks Pro) (Available in ROM features)

- Full screen caller ID (single press to enable/Long press to disable) (Available in ROM features)

- Volume Limit - To prevent high volume with preset limit. May be used with password for kids.

- ChangeLog is now linked to webpage (this page) Instead off line earlier.

- Improved to use with unofficial version of Magisk