​​​​​N910G OL2 N5P Dr.Ketan custom ROM L16G

(N5 + S6 edge port)

​​​​​Works on N910F/T and may other variant with additional Fix

Data fix requires to use on T-Mobile.

For N910F/T - You have to use same above ROM but additionally need to flash small fix. Read above "Must Read" for more details.

​​​​​N910G OL2 N5P Dr.Ketan custom ROM L15G

(N5 + S6 edge port)

N910G Lp

MD5 : D49CB93C6E308143BB438A67B31B0077

​​​​​N910 N7P Dr.Ketan ROM M11 XDA - N7 Port

N910G Mm