Tweaks Pro on Other ROM

Tweaks Pro best used with latest version of Dr.Ketan ROM though most features available on Stock/Other ROMs as well

To use on other ROMs follow this

  • You must have other ROM rooted + Busybox installed
  • Install Tweaks Pro - Click on Download Latest version of tweaks pro - Select your device Note8 - Select For 'ROM version' - Use TweaksPro on Other ROM - Download both files 1.Must Read.txt and 2.ROM Compatibility apk
  • Follow instructions available in Read.txt
  • Also make sure you are using latest version of tweaks Pro

Dr.Ketan Tweaks Pro features 

Features are divided into two categories.

Details of features

1.Tools Features and Utilities

General Info : 

  • Bootloader
  • ROM
  • Busybox
  • CSC

Memory Info

CPU Info

Device Test (hardware test)


Download latest ROM/Tweaks Pro

Check Updates : check if update available for ROM/Tweaks pro (auto check in ROM features)

Check for Message : Check if any important message from developer. (auto check in ROM Features)

A. Debloating tool

With this tool you can disable > 40 service/apps with single click. Tool have three options

Disable All – To disable all bloatware with single click

Enable All – To Enable all bloatware back with single click

Custom restore – With this you can restore any single service if you want to restore back.

These services includes

  • Assist Menu
  • Basic Dream
  • Beaconman
  • Beam
  • Briefing
  • BT Test
  • Camera Test
  • Color blind
  • Device Test
  • Email
  • ImageSync
  • Chokocooky
  • Finder
  • Galaxy Widget
  • Game Optimizer
  • Help hub
  • Keystring
  • Magnifier
  • Market FB
  • Milk Music
  • minimode
  • Phototable
  • Print
  • Qconnect
  • RootPA
  • Safety Assist
  • Samsung Billing
  • SideSync
  • SKMS
  • SmartCard
  • SmartSwitch
  • SPA Monitor
  • Tag
  • TUI services
  • Uswitch
  • Voice wakeup (bixby)
  • VPN
  • With TV
  • WLAN Test

B.DPI Changer (Only for FHD+ and WQHD+)

This is simple Application to change DPI on the fly. Though some app may requires to clear data to adopt new DPI. Also very few app needs to reboot to apply changes.
How to use.
Open application and select your DPI from DPI picker. (scroll finger across the box)
Selct 'SET DPI'
Done.Sometimes setting certain DPI may makes many applications non usable. And when your launcher / keyboard ecomes unusable then it will be difficult to reset. So when you testing DPI it's recommended to select "Auto Reser' option ON. This will reset DPI to normal on reboot in case device becomes unusable to perform action.Also to note that this application won't make any application multi DPI, this will depends on your ROM.


C.Gear VR Tool

VR Service - Tap/Long press to Enable/Disable : This will enable/Disable samsung VR service. If you disable it, Samsung VR won't use oculus viewer and it won't auto start as well. This is useful when you want to use google cardboard application manually. When you enable it, it will restore stock oculus feature and when you dock your device it will auto start oculus.

Auto cardboard demo - Tap/long press to toggle : When you enable - it will disable oculus and autometically start google cardboard demo when you dock your note 5 on gear VR. Make sure you have downloaded and Installed google cardboard application from play store.VR developer option - Tap/Long press to toggle : VR developer option is not available by default and you need to enable it. If you enable this option you can use VR application without docking your device. Also this will reduce flickering when use google cardboard app with VR. I have added option just to restore otherwise you don't require to deactivate this option.Access developer option : Above said option will just Activate/Deactivate developer option. You can toggle developer option with this menu. Click this menu and then press 'More' from right upper corner to toggle developer option. It is recommended to turn off this option when not require.

D.Memory Tool.

This is for users always wants some free RAM. 
On top of app you will see current free RAM. and below that there is option to clear background app with one tap manually. Also you can set up to clean memory periodically with desired threshold.
Free memory threshold : This will be level when system memory goes below this at defined period then it will clear RAM automatically.For example if you set 1024MB threshold level and Background process will be cleared if there is free memory level is below 1024MB at scheduled interval. 
Interval : Ther are 5 level of interval to check free memory. 0 is to Turn disable Auto memory. while 1 to 4 is time in Hr , Auto memory will test memory level.
At the end you will see Last auto cleaned time and Last Test time. 

E.Secret Code dialer

As we know many ROMs doen’t support short dialing code (Secret code) like *#06# to check IMEI. This tool is alternate to this service and you can dial short code even it doesn’t working on ROM. There is option to type code and press apply. Just to keep in mind – you have to omit prefix * and suffix # for example – To dial *#06# you have to type 06 and select apply.

F.Sound boot tool

Mods available are

  • Backup/Restore
  • Restore stock (without Backup)
  • Mild Boost
  • High Boost
  • Custom Boost
  • Dual Speaker


  • Heads up notification – Enable/Disable heads up notification
  • Fast Charging – Enable disable fast charging option
  • Auto GPS - It enable location service to High accuracy while screen is on and Battery saver (Network only, No GPS) while screen is off.
  • Auto Wifi - Turns off wifi if remain disconnected > 10min
  • Auto Blutooth - Turns off BT is remains unpaired for > 10min
  • Smart Network - Auto off network after 30 sec of screen off, Auto on after screen on (Only if data connection was on when screen turned off)
  • Media scanner - Enable/Disable media scanner. If you disable, your media library won't update to gallery/music
  • Popup blocker - disable some misc popup like battery full etc
  • Login security - capture screenshot if unauthorized attempt to unlock You need secure setting plugin to use this
  • Call reminder– Reminder tone on every minute while on call
  • Auto scan – Reverse media scanner. It will enable media scanner when your device attached to charger.
  • Torch with vol key – Enable option to flash light with long pressing Volume UP key while screen is off.
  • Clock with seconds - Show statusbar clock  in hh:mm:ss format
  • Power Control notification - Native feature of nougat. Open Settings - Notification - Turn off notification for app - Select Advanced from Rt upper corner and look for same app. Now you can see 5 level for selected app, you can decide level of notification


H.General Features

  • Quick reply from lock screen (only for supported apps)
  • Statusbar Icons : Show/Hide following statusbar icons
  1. Rotation
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Wifi
  4. Alarm
  5. VoLTE
  6. Battery
  7. Headset
  8. Power Save
  • Call Blocker
  1. Calls not in Contact - Block callers who are not in your contact list
  2. BlackList group - First create a group in contact named "Blacklist" , add contacts you want to block in this group and enable this option
  • Temporary unroot – Useful when some services not allow to work on rooted device e.g Encryption. Though won’t work on all service which use different parameter to check root.
  • Meet Here - Car park/Share location utility
  • Int SD write Fix – Sometime you are unable to write on Int SD card, this may fix this issue.
  • NetFlix Fix – Netflix  video may not play on rooted device, this is to fix this issue.
  • Backup EFS – Makes EFS backup of N950 on Int storage 'MyEFS' folder.
  • Component Flashing – you can flash Modem/Kernel/Recovery raw images (directly extracted from ROM tar file). You need to keep raw image file on root of Int storage
  • MultiUser - Tap to to enable multiuser, Long press to disable
  • Lock Screen Rotation - Tap to enable, Long press to disable. Reboot requires to apply changes


I.CSC Features (coming soon)
Samsung have changed CSC codes so older version of CSC changing tool may not work. This is completely rewritten utility to add csc features with new OMC system of samsung. This utility auto backup existing features before modifying so you will have option to restore.

This feature is no more part of TweaksPro but you have to separately install apk, You will find this app same place of TweaksPro. This is complimentary app for TweaksPro users.

These features includes - 

  • Floating Msg – You will receive msg notification as small icon (If screen is ON) with option to manage SMS, Toggle you may find in
    Settings – Advanced features . This features requires extra apks, ROM you are using must have these apks to work this features
  • Call Record – Enables native call record . Settings will be available – Phone – 3 dot menu – Record calls
  • Call msg Block – Option to Block Call/SMS
  • LTE only network mode (This may or may not work depending on your provider settings)
  • Camera shutter sound toggle - In camera app setting, you will have option to enable/disable camera shutter sound
  • Data Toggle in power menu – Long press power will have Mobile Data Toggle
  • LTE Instead of 4G – This will replace 4G Mobile data icon on statusbar with LTE – This is experimental feature and may or may not work
    with your carrier.
  • Data Usage in QP – You will see Data usage in Quick Panel
  • Firewall and Applock – These have two features. A – In settings – connection – data usage - you will find a option “Manage app data” to control data usage per app B – App Lock – This is useful to set lock per app. Settings will be available under Settings – Advanced features –AppLock. This features requires extra app, if your ROM doesn’t have this app installed, this feature won’t work.
  • Internet speed meter – You will have option to enable/disable internet download speed meter in status bar. Setting will be available in
    Settings – Display - StatusBar
  • Recent app protect – You can have lock option in Recent (Task)
  • Disable SMS to MMS - This will allow to send long msg without converting as MMS
  • Spam protection White Page – This will show Caller information (depending on data of provider of this service) even you don’t have on
    your contact. Settings you can find in Phone – 3 dot menu – Caller ID and Spam protection
  • Power Battery Menu – Some more options in settings – Device maintenance – Battery

J.Optimization General

Various performance tweaks like . When you enable these tweaks, it will auto apply on every boot. To disable it, you need to turn off then reboot device.

  • Boost Device
  • Device Cleaner
  • I/O Tweaks
  • Aggressive Seeder
  • SQlite optimization
  • FS Trim
  • ZipAlign
  • Google Play service Fix

K.Optimization Build prop

Various build.prop tweaks for performance

  • Battery Improvement – or better battery
  • Fast Boot – Fast rebooting device
  • Image quality – Better quality of images
  • Disable Log – Fasten device
  • Net Tweaks – Better network
  • Disable debug – Fasten device
  • Scroll Tweak –Better scrolling
  • Smooth UI – Smoother UI
  • Better Voice quality – Better voice quality
  • RAM management – Better balanced RAM management

Optimization tweaks added following options to run

  • Show/Hide toast notification
  • Optimization run at once (Now it will not run when you toggle but separate menu to run)
  • Optimization run on every boot
  • Optimization Daily (00 hrs) This is better option compared to on boot if you frequently booting device.

PS : Toast notification,Run on every boot and run daily have common rule for both optimization general and build.prop

2.Dr.Ketan ROM Features

Silent Features (Activated without notice) - May not work on other ROMs

  • AirCommand with finger +  Shortcut (can be assign with Long pressing home/Bixby
  • Removed call disconnect delay
  • SMS to MMS disable
  • MSG recipient limit 200

ROM Features

Features requires you to have on latest ROM of Dr.Ketan for Note 9

  • Auto check for updates . This will check if updates available for ROM/Tweaks pro. Also it will display a dialogue box if any important message available from developer. This will let you keep updated if developer wants to pass any message regarding bug/fix/or any other kind of message . 
  • 360 degree rotation (supported apps only)
  • Auto 2G - ScreenOff - will change network to 2G
  • NFC with Off screen
  • Custom Navigation height - More than 100 steps increment option to choose navigation bar heights
  • S9 themed messaging app with some mods
  • Full screen Caller ID
  • KeyRemap 
  1. Long Press Home - You can assign Google Assistant,(stock feature)/ Custom Application/Custom Action/PowerMenu Pro
  2. Bixby - Bixby Stock/PowerMenu Pro
  3. Long Press back - Long Press back custom action/PowerMenu Pro

Custom Actions available for KeyRemap are :

  1. Power Menu
  2. AirCommand
  3. Kill App (Work only with SuperSU root method
  4. OK Google
  5. ScreenShot
  6. Bixby
  7. Disable - No action (Blank)
  8. Torch
  9. Google Assistant
  10. Finger Magnifier
  11. Screen Record (For PowerMenu custom action only)

PowerMenu Pro have following options at a time

  1. Reboot
  2. Reboot to Recovery
  3. Screen Record
  4. Screen Shot
  5. BandSelect - to chnage network band
  6. Kill app
  7. Outdoor mode
  8. FlashLight

Custom Actions available for Bixby Remap : (This will work on all ROMs) There is now separate application available for Bixby Key remap

  1. Assist - Google Assistant
  2. Keyboard - Switch Keyboard
  3. Calendar
  4. Camera
  5. Call
  6. Contacts
  7. Browser
  8. Media Next - Will skip track if playing music
  9. Media Pause - This will Play/Pause media
  10. Power - Power Key (sleep with short click, PowerMenu with Long press)
  11. Mute - Mute Volumes
  12. ScreenShot
  13. Home
  14. Music
  15. QS Panel - Open/Close QS Panel
  16. Stock - Bixby

- Volume key long press remap separately for both up & down (ROM features - Key Remap)

  • Google Assist
  • Camera
  • Media Next
  • Media Play/Pause
  • Screenshot
  • Flash Light (enable by default)
  • Disable Volume long press custom action


Features may work on other ROMs

  • Auto Data - Disable data when screen off
  • QS Toggle column
  • Band Selection - You can change network band with this shortcut to get better speed and coverage. For example, for me, on my network automatic
  • Popup (Toast notification) only if screen is ON
  • Key Remapping (except Long press back should work on other ROMs)
  • Band selection tool
  • Dual/Single SIM for SIM icon removal in call list and messages on single SIM users (Only for Magisk root)

New Features

​This section contains shortcut to some hot/new features. like

1.PowerMenu Pro - A handy tool for key remap and gives multiple with one of hard/soft key 

2.Black Theme - A Black material theme by samsung, this was released by samsung for old device and ported for N8. May have some bug. This is experimental features. You can anytime delete this from Samsung Theme if you don't like. Also applying this theme, it may reset theme and you may need to re download your current theme if you are using non stock.

3.Custom Navigation height - More than 100 steps increment option to choose navigation bar heights


Five color scheme for Dr.Ketan Tweaks

Important : 

- Some of features listed above may not work on Pie, we are trying to fix it.

- For queries/issue regarding ROM, kindly post on XDA thread of concern ROM. Any other way of communication regarding rom will be ignored. 

- Features mentioned above can be changed/removed without notice. Also all the features mentioned above may not be available depending on your device and version of tweaks.

- For best compatibility, always use latest version of ROM with latest version of Tweaks Pro.

XDA and Pro version both using same ROM file (i.e. XDA version above). Pro version features are available with installing separate app Dr.Ketan Tweaks Pro.

N960F/FD Oreo & Pie